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Tampereen Huoneistohotelli MN Oy - Privacy policy

The EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) entered into force on 25 May 2018. The Apartment Hotel Tampere MN Oy wants to inform their hotel customers in this statement how the GDPR and some other Finnish hotel legislation have been implemented concerning data collection of customer data and privacy.

According the Finnish law on Accommodation and Catering 2006/308 6§, the Apartment Hotel Tampere MNOy is required to identify their hotel customers and collect passenger data in order to maintain public order and security, to prevent and detect crimes and to prepare statistics.

According to the information privacy law 30 § “everyone in the register has the right to prohibit the use of their information for direct advertising, distance sales and other direct marketing, market surveys and polls, as well as for the compilation of genealogies and registers of individuals.” This prohibition as well as rectification requests should be addressed in writing tothe passenger register responsible Apartment Hotel Tampere MN Oy.

Moreover, the Apartment Hotel Tampere MN Oy does not sell the customer information and passenger data for any third parties and the data is not transferred outside the EU or the EEA. However, passenger register holder can transfer customer’s personal data to third parties like the police or other legitimate authorities if the matter is about investigating a crime or if it is instructed by the law or a decision of the authorities.

In case the hotel customer requires, the Apartment Hotel Tampere MN Oy will show the information the hotel has received in digitally concerning the customer. When the custom arrives to hotel and fill in “traditional” paper registration form, in case the customer requests, he may have a copy of the information he has filled in.

According to the law of Accommodation and Catering following information concerning the customer will be saved in the passenger register:
  • the full name of the passenger and Finnish social security number, or, if not applicable, date of birth and nationality;
  • the full names and Finnish social security numbers, or dates of birth wheresocial security islacking, of travel companions accompanying the passenger
  • the address information of the passenger;
  • the country from which the passenger arrives to Finland (if the place of residence is other than Finland);
  • the passenger’s travel document (e.g. passport and visa) number, except if the passenger is a citizen of a Nordic country or he/she has permanent residency in Finland;
  • the date of arrival and departure of the passenger at the accommodation facility; as well as
  • the purpose of the accommodation (such as leisure, work or another reason), if the passenger has provided this information.
  • Additionally the e-mail address and mobile telephone number shall be saved in the passenger register.

The Act on Accommodation and Catering mandates the passenger and personal data entered in the register of the Apartment Hotel Tampere MN Oy will be to be kept safe and removed, as stipulated by Finnish lawsand regulations. External access to digital accommodation and personal data has been blocked by passwords and secure data connections. The Hotel staff are trained and informed about security issues mentioned in this statement.

Other information

If a customer has made a reservation through a reservation portal (Booking.com, Hotels.com, Trivago etc.) the customerhas provided his or her personal information to these service providers and, when signing up for such service, the customer has accepted the terms and conditions of the portal. However, the Apartment Hotel Tampere MN Oy is not responsible for how these portals use the information provided by the customer. The Apartment Hotel Tampere MN Oy is responsible for the customers ́information they have provided and trusted to us. The Apartment Hotel Tampere MN Oy wants continuously to improve customers service, security and trust. The Apartment Hotel Tampere Oy wants to inform their customers that it’s safe to work and stay with us.

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